Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rust-dyed tailoring

This beautiful piece of tailoring is by Katie Barett, and inpired by the decay and disrepair of a mental institution. The rust-dyed treatment of the fabric has got me head over heels in love with it.
 Available from Tout Nouveau, £320.

Dapper Man: Devonte Hynes

Yes, I've got something of a style-crush on Dev Hynes. 
For those of you that don't know, he is a chap formerly of the band Test Icicles, who now releases under the name Lightspeed Champion.
 He is a multi-talented chameleon of a man, being a singer, songwriter, composer, producer and author.

Photo by David Swanson.

In UK Vogue's 2008 'Fantastic' issue, he was featured in a shoot based on Roald Dahl.

Shot by Tim Walker.

And here he is again, in an interview for Vogue online.

Looking pretty smart on the cover of his
'Falling Off The Lavender Bridge' cover.


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Copper 'bird skull' tie outfit.

Over the years, I have somehow developed a fascination with the imagery of skulls, taxidermy, and the controversial tradition of hunting.
This tie pin by Frankii Tonge celebrates the haunting beauty of a bird skull. 
Available from Tout Nouveau, £50.
Team with a crisp white shirt, tweed tie and classic brown suit for a hunting-inspired look.

Tweed tie available from Topman, £10.
Mocha slim fit suit, Asos, now £76.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mugler's ad campaign AW11

Rick Genest aka 'Zombie Boy', shot by Nicola Formichetti
for Thierry Mugler AW11.

One word. Amazing.

A Brief History of: Brothel Creepers

TUK Mondo High Soled Creeper, 

I've had a fascination with 'Brothel Creepers', or 'Creepers' since I was about 10 when I remember going with my Dad to buy a pair. They are an iconic men's shoe style that has been having a bit of a rise in popularity. But whats the story, and how did these beauties come to be?

Creepers were originally developed by British shoe maker George Cox in 1949. 
He drew inspiration from the thick, crepe-soled boots of soldiers posted to deserts that, post-war, ex-soldiers started to sport at undesireable London nightspots.
The Creepers began to gain popularity with young Teddy Boys in the 1950's, and then had a massive surge in popularity in the 1970's as the Teddy Boy look suffered a revival. As the look became more extreme, the sole of the creepers seemingly did too!

One notable wearer of Creepers in the 1970's was, of course, Malcolm Mclaren.

Today, Creepers have been adopted for wear by all sorts of subcultures and fashion tribes and have become so sartorially popular that in recent seasons they have been seen reinvented on the catwalks of Fashion Week.

Prada's SS11 show featured shoes derived from a Creeper's shape, but mixing elements
of brogue, espadrille and even the trainer.

The company of George Cox is still producing Creepers to this day, and is continuing to innovate their classic Creeper. Their current collection for Oki-Ni is testament to the shoemakers versatility and continued innovation.

The Suede Creeper Boot is a fresh alternative to the classic creeper,
£170 from Oki-Ni.

 What are your opinions on the Brothel Creeper?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Summer shirts: Topman's yacht print beauty.

Topman is currently delighting me with the amazing new season shirts in stock. This yacht print shirt is my current favourite, reminiscent of a chap holidaying in the 1950’s. Team with a pair of classic readers or sunglasses, chinos with the hem rolled, and some boat shoes for a smart summer look.

100% cotton.
Available from Topman.

Pip pip chaps! x