Wednesday, 8 June 2011

More pics of my menswear...

My, what a week it has been!

Here are some pictures of a sleeveless jacket I made as part of my pre-collection, in a shoot for online magazine WeTheUrban, issue #2:

Sleeveless coat by me.
Photography: Barbara Anastacio.
Styling: Sylvester Yiu.
Hair & make up: Kenny Leung.
Model: Andy at M+P.

They got my credit all wrong though....DOH! Should of course read Rosie Alia, but hey ho!

I love the photos! And the dog....Kiki.

Pip pip! x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Shoe love: Jodhpur boots.

My dad recently discovered this website, full of wierd and wonderful oddities, mlitary memorabilia and vintage clothes. The website is called Hogspear, and boy is it full of things I want!

 Now, recently my dad treated himself to some lovely boots from Hogspear, aren't they lovely?

Designed for riding, this style of boot is called a 'jodhpur boot', featuring ankle straps that wrap around the boot and a low heel.

These dark brown beauties are a thick leather, with all the best qualities of being pre-owned. Look at those creases and scuffs! And they have the most delicious shine. I wonder who they belonged to before? Some chap who'd go riding in the ground of his manor house perhaps?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My menswear in CuriousMan magazine!

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of working with some amazing people on a shoot for a new menswear mag called CuriousMan that was due to launch in April, but after some technical issues, it has just launched issue #1!

Here are the pictures from the mag...

(Click to enlarge)

Menswear by me.
Headplates/harness by Louise McKay for Rosie Alia
Photography:  Rachel Peng
Styling: Helen Stanley
Model: James Cutler at M&P Models
Hair and Makeup: Jessie Liang

The collection we shot was my graduate collection 'Morbid Anatomy' (heavily influenced by surgical history), mixed with a bit of my pre-collection (inspired by the animated film '9', and the idea of man vs machine).

Please head over to Helens Wardrobe, blog of the lovely stylist I worked with and check out her great work! I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Working with such talented people, the pictures couldn't have come out better! The model, James, was picked by the editor of CuriousMan and really worked for the look we wanted. The makeup artist created a pale, skeletal look. And the photographer Rachel Peng used digital and analog SLR's to take a variety of pictures, and played around with backgrounds, and both studio and natural light.

Hope you like the outcome chaps!