Monday, 6 June 2011

Shoe love: Jodhpur boots.

My dad recently discovered this website, full of wierd and wonderful oddities, mlitary memorabilia and vintage clothes. The website is called Hogspear, and boy is it full of things I want!

 Now, recently my dad treated himself to some lovely boots from Hogspear, aren't they lovely?

Designed for riding, this style of boot is called a 'jodhpur boot', featuring ankle straps that wrap around the boot and a low heel.

These dark brown beauties are a thick leather, with all the best qualities of being pre-owned. Look at those creases and scuffs! And they have the most delicious shine. I wonder who they belonged to before? Some chap who'd go riding in the ground of his manor house perhaps?

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  1. Those boots are super cool. I tried on some riding boots, but my calves were way too big for them hahaha.